Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging Information

Institute Level Anti-Ragging & Discipline Committee 

1) Shri D. B. Vagadia - Chairman

2) All HOD and Rector - Members

3) Shri S. Z. Shyara (IC) - Member

4) Smt. M. K. Goswami(CE) - Member

5) Shri S. J. Patel(EE) - Member

7) Shri P. N. Joshi(GEN) - Member

7) Shri H. H. Bhatt(GEN) - Member

8) Shri B. C. Changela(BIO)- Secretary

9) Shri J. B. Parmar(GEN)-Member

10) Hostel Warden(All)- Members


  • To frame policies for prevention of ragging, take necessary measures for its eradication  in and around the campus and act on defaulters found guilty for the same, if any
  • To ensure the harmony amongst  the students and ragging free activities in and out side the campus


  • To ensure compliance with the provision of UGC regulation 2009 at the institute level.
  • Convener shall  monitor and oversee the performance of anti ragging committee. 
  • Design framework on possible methods to prevent Ragging.
  • Meet periodically to discuss incidences on Ragging ,iif any and its eradication strategy.    
  • Educate students for the possible  implication  of ragging and inculcate ethical values which would prevent them from doing such acts.          
  • Organize programs to create awareness on the grave  consequences of ragging practices.   
  • Counsel victims of ragging and help them to overcome it if any
  • During orientation program, brief students about stand of Institute and its disciplinary actions liable on ragging incidences. If any
  • Publicize rules and regulations of Anti-ragging on websites and through signages


  • Anti-ragging committee has been successful in maintaining discipline in and around college campus during the academic terms as well as during the college functions like Orientation Programs, Technical Festivals, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and other events organized in the institute.
  • Committee has functioned  to ensure the harmony amongst  the students and ragging free activities