Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : Graduate
  • Experience : 24 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Fashion Apparels Design

Personal Details

Name : Dr. Jyotiba R. Jhala

Designation : Lecturer

Educational qualification

Educational qualification : M. Sc. (General  Home Science), Ph. D.


Experience :23 Years

Skills and Knowledge

Skills and Knowledge:

Indian embroidery: all state wise embroidery.
Indian Textile and surface embellishment : Dying and printing
Textile science : all type of textile
Art and Design : Designing of garment

Course Taught

Course Taught:

Various subject taught as per GTU guidance and syllabus.

Training and workshop

Training and workshop :
Training list:
(1)Practical Utilization of Garment Manufacturing Equipment.
(2)Training of Trainers Programme For Entrepreneurial Skills For Girls Student.
(3)Induction Training Programe (Phase 1).
(4)Industrial Training Programme (Phase 2).
(5)Development of Basic Managerial Skills.
(6)Plan Conduct And Evaluates student Project Works Effectively.
(7)Developing Good Question Paper .
(8)Auto-Cad And Photoshop .
(9)Advance Course on Research Methodology .
(10)Research Methodology.
(11)CCC+ Computer Training .
(12)Conducting Action Research.
(13)Managing Laboratory Work Effectively.
(14)Computer Technology and Application.
(15)Karmyogi residential Training.
(16)Enhancing communication Skills using language laboratory
(17)Case Method  and Writing.
(18)Engineering Application of Textile and Functional clothing.
(19)Environmental pollution and E- waste management.
(20)Strategic Leadership & innovations in a changing environment.



  (1) I am in charge HOD of C A C D & D M. Department.

Research project

Research project:




(1)Ahir embroidery- Sustain national heritage by kachchhi Ahir women.
(2)Ludi-sustain kachchh heritage by modern fusion wear.
(3)To design innovative western garments of laheriya print fabric for teenage girls.
(4)Bandhi-empower the women designer.
(5)The Treasure of Art - Kachchhi Rabari  Embroidery.
(6)Vagadiya Rabari Embroidery -The Jewel  in Crown  of kachchh.
(7)Dhebariya Rabari Embroidery - Skilled Women Workforce in Economic Development
(8)A study of Dhebariya Rabari's female traditional ornaments and its impect on modern fusion era.

Academic projects

Academic  projects:


Patent Filed

Patent Filed:


Professional Institution Membership

Professional Institution Membership:

(1) I am life member of Home science association of India.
(2) I am life member of Indian society for Technical Education.

Expert Lectures

Expert Lectures:




(1) I have achieved ANANDMANI GOLD MEDAL in B. Sc. (General Home Science) by Saurashtra University.