Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : B.E.
  • Experience : 7 Years
  • Area Of Interest : C,c++,DBMS,data structure

work details

Currently working as Lecturer in Computer Engineering Department at A V Parekh Technical Institute, Rajkot since 8th October 2012.

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Computer Engineering (B.E.) from Atmiya Institute Of Technology & Science, Rajkot,Gujarat,India. Affiliated Gujarat Technological University.

Training and workshop

  1. Area of Training:Induction :-Core teaching skills
  2. Area of Training:Management:- Karmyogi Shibir

Skills and knowledge

  • C programming language
  • C++ object oriented language
  • Fundamental of digital electronics
  • Computer organization and architecture
  • Web Development
  • Basic Electronics
  • Data Structure

Course Taught

  1. C language(1st and 2nd sem)
  2. C++(3rd sem)
  3. Data structure(3rd sem)
  4. Dynamic web page development(5th sem)
  5. Fundamental of digital electronics(1st sem)
  6. Computer organization and architecture(4th sem)
  7. ECHM(1st sem)
  8. Static web page development(2nd sem)
  9. Fundamental of computer application(1st sem)


Class mentor of the concerned class
Project guide for the final year students
Subject in-charge

Academic Projects

Project guide for the concerned students allotted of the final year 5th and 6th semester students projects ranging in different technology like

2. .NET