Miss. Sangeetha Rangarajan

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : BE COMPUTER
  • Experience : 10 Years
  • Area Of Interest : OS CN NMA JAVA

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering (B.E.) from VVP engineering college,Rajkot,Gujarat,India.Affliated to Saurashtra University with 78.30% Distinction.

Work Experience

  • Worked as a lecturer in vvp engineering college from 1st july 2009 to 9th novemeber 2009.
  • Current:Working in avpti,rajkot 12th of November 2009

Skills & Knowledge

  • Knowledge of latest programming languages java,android,php,.net
  • Skills:soft skills
  • Technical skills: C,C++,java,MALP,DS,prolog

Courses Taught

  3. AJAVA (6th sem)
  4. JAVA (5th sem)
  5. Computer Maintainence & Troubleshooting (5th sem)
  6. Computer Network(4th sem)
  7. Fundamentals of software engineering(4th sem)
  8. .net programming( 4th sem)
  9. WDT (4th sem)
  10. c++ (3rd sem)
  11. operating system (3rd sem)
  12. Multiprocessor & assembly language programming  (3rd sem)
  13. Database management system (3rd sem)
  14. Data structure (3rd sem)
  15. ACP (2nd sem)
  16. Fundamentals of digital electronics(2nd sem)
  17. SWD(2nd sem)
  18. c (1st sem)
  19. Environmental conservation & hazard management(1st sem)
  20. FCA (1st sem)

Training & Workshop

  1. Area of Training:Induction :-Core teaching skills,NITTR Bhopal.
  2. Area of Training:Management:-Karmyogi Shibir,CTE.
  3. Area of Training:Industrial:-Matlab,A bird's view
  4. Area of Training:Technical:-FDP in ICT for education,IIT BOMBAY


  • Training & Placement cell Departmental level
  • Class mentor of the concerned class
  • Project guide for the final year students
  • Subject incharge

Research Projects

Research Projects


  1. An analysis of increasing use of scientific techniques in lie detection test for criminology science.
  2. An emerging development of biometrics System:A novel approach of security
  3. Pattern recognition as an emerging trend of AI.

Academic Projects

Academic Projects
Project guide for the concerned students alloted of the final year 5th and 6th semester students projects ranging in different technology like
  1. java
  2. .net
  3. php
  4. android

Patent Filed

Patent Filed

Professional Institution Memberships

Professional Institution Memberships
  • VVP engineering alumini,Rajkot
  • Member of AVPTI alumini,Rajkot
  • ISTE member,Rajkot

Expert Lectures

Expert Lectures



70th annual alumini meet AVPTI