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a. v. parekh technical institute, rajkot

Amrutlal Virpal Parekh Technical Institute abbreviated as AVPTI was found out in the year of 1948 by the help of a generous donor of that era known asSheth Amrutlal Virpal Parekh. He donated INR - 1,05,0001 in the currency of that time, with the help of which Wireless Telegraphy course was first to start in this campus & in the country! It is worth to mention that to fulfill the vision of Sheth Shree A.V. Parekh, the Principal of D.H. Arts & Science College in year of 1948, Shree R.K. Yagnik played a vital role & made it a success. Afterwards many courses such as Advanced Radio Communications, Television, Wireless Communications etc. were started on certificate level & made a bechmark of quality students as output which were placed gladly by top companies and institutions around the globe. Currently on the requirement of changing time Institution offers Diploma Level courses on branches of Engineering and Design such as Bio-Medical, Computer, Instrumentation & Control, Electrical, Electronics & Communications and Computer Aided Costume Design. The institution is equipped with more than 100 Teaching & Administrative staff, 5 buildings, 3 hostels, staff quarters & 2 under construction buildings. The institute also offers a central library with vast range of books, magazines and articles. The inner soul of this place always keeps faculties and students self motivated towards new limits of work & innovation. AVPTI is not just an institution but a vast & evergrowing family of technocrats…

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College Statistics : 

Academic Buildings : 5 Nos. (Main Building, Old Building, Computer Building, Bio-Medical Building, LRUC/EC Building)

Hostels Data : 

Marconi Boys Hostel : 22 Rooms and 54 Students

Tagore Boys Hostel : 48 Rooms and 75 Students

AVPTI Girls Hostel : 32 Rooms and 70 Students

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